HP TET Syllabus New Exam Pattern 2023

HP TET Syllabus New Exam Pattern 2023 The Himachal Pradesh TET Syllabus 2023 has been released by the Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education on their official website.

The candidates must go through the HP TET Syllabus 2023 thoroughly to comprehend the vastness of the Himachal Pradesh TET Syllabus 2023.

HP TET Exam Pattern 2023

HP TET Exam Pattern varies for different subjects selected by the candidates. Before proceeding with the exam, you must be aware of the HP TET Exam Pattern 2023 including all the topics to be asked in the exam. Here we are sharing the complete detail of the HP TET exam pattern subject-wise:

Exam Mode : Offline

Total Questions – 150

Total Marks – 150

Each question carries 1 mark and there is no negative marking applicable in the exam

The minimum marks required to qualify for the exam are 90 i.e. 60%.

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Download HP TET Syllabus 2023 Subject Wise

HP TET Syllabus 2023 is different for various subjects. Candidates must go through the topic-wise syllabus before starting their preparation. The syllabus is available in PDF format for all different subjects given below.

HP TET Syllabus 2023-Child Psychology & Development

Concept of development and its relationship with learning

Principles of the development of environmental

Influence of Heredity & Environment

Concepts of child-centred and progressive educational

Socialization processes: Social World & Children (Teacher, Parents & Peers)

Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence

Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Language & Thought

Formulating appropriate questions for assessing the readiness levels of learners; enhancing learning and critical thinking in the classroom and assessing learner achievement.

Gender as a social construct; gender roles, gender-bias and educational practice

Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds including disadvantaged and deprived

Addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, ‘impairment’ etc.

Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners

HP TET Syllabus 2023 For Medical & Non-Medical

How children think and learn; how and why children ‘fail’ to achieve success in school performance.

Basic processes of teaching and learning; children’s strategies of learning; learning as a social activity; social context of learning.

Child as a problem solver and a ‘scientific investigator’Cognition & Emotions

Motivation and learningFactors contributing to learning – personal & environmental

HP TET TGT Syllabus 2023 For General Awareness

HP History.

HP Culture.



Famous Days & Dates.


Indian Politics.Physics.

Indian Parliament.

Basic GK.Chemistry.



Indian Economy.

Inventions in the World.

Basic Computer.

Famous Books & Authors.

HP TET Syllabus 2023 For Physics

Solid State Physics.

Nuclear Physics.

Mathematical Physics.

Quantum Mechanics.

Statistical Mechanics.

Classical Mechanics.

Laws of motion.

Thermal properties of matter.

Units and measurements.

Kinetic theory.

Work, energy, and power.

Wave optics


Mechanical properties of solids.

Ray optics and optical instruments.

Motion in a straight line.

Motion in a plane.

Mechanical properties of fluids.

Systems of particles and rotational motion.

Electric charges and fields.

Moving charges and magnetism.

Electromagnetic induction.

Electrostatic potential and capacitance.

Magnetism and Matter.

Current electricity.

Alternating current.

Dual nature of radiation and matter.

Electromagnetic waves.

Waves 2017

Semiconductor electronics.

Communication systems.

HP TET Syllabus 2023 For Chemistry

Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding.

Periodic Classification.

Chemistry & f’ block elements.General Principles of Metallurgy.

Chemical Kinetics & Chemical Equilibrium.


Solids & Solutions.

Organic reaction mechanism.

Heterocyclic Compounds.

Amines, Amino Acids, and Proteins.

Chemistry of natural products.

Separation Methods (Unit Operations).

Ceramic Industries.

Sources of water & Quality.

General Purification Methods of water.

Water Softening Method.

Qualitative & Quantitative analysis.

The s – block elements.

P-block elements – group 14 (carbon family).

Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons.

Surface chemistry.

Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases.

Hydrogen and its Compounds.Atomic structure.

D and f block elements & coordination compounds.

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties.

Environmental chemistry.

Chemical bonding and molecular structure.


States of matter: gasses and liquids.

Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics.

General principles of metallurgy.

Organic compounds containing c, h, and o.

P- block elements group 13 (boron family).

P-block elements.

Chemistry in everyday life.

Haloalkanes and haloarenes.

Organic compounds containing nitrogen.

HP TET Syllabus 2023 For English

Spelling Test.

Sentence Arrangement.

Error Correction (Underlined Part).


Passage Completion.


Sentence Improvement.

Spotting Errors.




Word Formation

Direct and Indirect speech

Active and Passive Voice.

Para Completion.

Idioms and Phrases.


Joining Sentences.

Theme Detection,

Topic rearrangement of passage

Error Correction (Phrase in Bold).

Fill in the blanks.

Data Interpretation.

Spelling Test.

Sentence Completion.

Sentence Arrangement

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