HP State Co-Operative Bank Clerk Study Material

HP State Co-Operative Bank Clerk Study Material

Reasoning Part-8 for HP State Co-Operative Bank Clerk and Steno

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Six persons sit in a row and facing to the north direction. All they have different ages – 15, 18, 20, 21, 25 and 33. V sits immediate right of the one who is 18 years old. Three persons sit between V and P, who sits at one of the extreme ends of the row. M sits 2nd to the right of T, who is not 18 years old. V’s age is equal to the sum of the ages of T and M. The age of Q is a square value of an odd number and sits to the left of S. P is not younger than S.

छह व्यक्ति एक पंक्ति में उत्तर दिशा की ओर उन्मुख होकर बैठे हैं। उन सभी की अलग-अलग आयु 15, 18, 20, 21, 25 और 33 है। V, 18 वर्ष के व्यक्ति के ठीक दायें बैठा है। V और P जो पंक्ति के किसी एक अंतिम छोर पर बैठा है, के मध्य तीन व्यक्ति बैठे हैं। M, T के दायें से दूसरे स्थान पर बैठा है, जो 18 वर्ष का नहीं है। V की आयु T और M की आयु के योग के बराबर है। Q की आयु एक विषम संख्या का वर्ग मान है और S के बाईं ओर बैठा है। P, S से छोटा नहीं है।

1 How many persons sit between T and the one who sits 3rd to the right of P?

(a) One

(b) Three

(c) Two

(d) Four

(e) None of these

2. What is the position of Q with respect to the one who is 20 years old?

(a) 3rd to the left

(b) Immediate right

(c) 2nd to the right

(d) 3rd to the right

(e) Immediate left

3. How many years old is P?

(a) 25

(b) 18

(c) 21

(d) 33

(e) None of these

4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Find the one who does not belong to that group?

(a) V

(b) The one who is 15 years old

(c) M

(d) The one who is 25 years old

(e) S

5. V sits _ to the right of ?

(a) 2nd, Q

(b) 3rd, M

(c) 4th, S

(d) 2nd, the one who is 25 years old

(e) Both (a) and (d)

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Solution :

Q.1 :- A

Q.2 :- A

Q.3 :- C

Q.4 :- E

Q.5 :- E


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